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Join the largest Whatsapp and telegram group housing Gees from different countries and tribes. Get latest formats and tips and tools to help boost your street hustle.

Yahoo boys WhatsApp group.

Become a member of the biggest and best Whatsapp group for Yahoo boys and top Yahoo girls. Membership is just 3k. Learn stuff you never knew. Connect with pickers, loaders, hackers and other Bunches of street hustlers. Hurry now as this offer doesn’t stay open forever.


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Whatsapp and Telegram groups are very easy ways for people to connect with themselves. While Whatsapp is good, Telegram is even better in that groups on Telegram can carry up to 200,000 people while whatsapp group carries only 263 people. Once you’ve made payment you’ll be added to both our telegram and whatsapp groups where you’ll meet and interact with rich and successful Gees.

Join the Yahoo boys Whatsapp groups now. Yahoo boys group. Facebook group, page, Twitter, Instagram meetings etc.


Rules of the group. 

  • No sharing of other group links in this group to avoid being kicked out.
  • No spamming.
  • If you want to add a new member first consult with the group admin.
  • No sharing.of s3xual contents.

It doesn’t matter your country, you can become a member. Sakawa boys Whatsapp group. Wherever you are in the world you can join these groups… Tanzania, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Ethiopia, Egypt, Malaysia, South Africa, Togo, Canada, USA, England, Algeria, Botswana, India etc.

There’s absolutely no limit to what you can achieve online. True talk. People meet up online, hookup online, create businesses online, get girlfriends and boyfriend’s online and much much more. It’s an amazing place to be. If online were a country it would have been the most populated.

Memberships is 3k. Those interested in joining should first comment their interest on the article and then send a mailto You will then need to pay the required fee and the group link will be sent to you.

Only serious persons please.


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