Yahoo blackmail format, format to blackmail clients for money


Yahoo threatening formats to collect cash from clients. How to bill clients by blackmailing them into sending money.

Yahoo blackmail format.

Table of Contents
1. Yahoo Blackmail Format
1.1. Requirements for Any Yahoo Blackmail
1.1.1. Bitcoin Wallet
1.1.2. Fake Photos
1.1.3. Photoshop
1.1.4. PC/Mobile Phone
1.1.5. Postal Address
1.1.6. VPN
1.1.7. Fake Email Address and Phone Number
1.1.8. Grammar Tool

1.1.8. Grammar Tool
1.2. Example of Formats for Yahoo Blackmail
1.2.1. Sexxual Yahoo Blackmail (Sextortion)
1.2.2. Emotional Yahoo Blackmail
1.2.3. Defamation Yahoo Blackmail
1.3. How to Collect Payment after Using the Yahoo Blackmail Format
1.4. Best Places to Use the Yahoo Blackmail Format
1.5. How to blackmail Someone on Facebook
1.6. How to Blackmail Someone on Dating Sites
1.7. How to Blackmail with Email
1.8. How to Blackmail through the Postal Office
1.9. Final Thoughts

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The current new wave of yahoo formats to make money for smart hustlers is the yahoo blackmail format. This
format to make money from yahoo is currently known only by a few hustlers worldwide. However, this article
will fully introduce the yahoo blackmail format for making money to everyone interested.
There is a little worry about the blackmail format. This worry leads many hustlers into asking the following

what can the police do about blackmail?
Is blackmail a crime?
is it illegal to do the yahoo blackmail format?
Well, the simple answer is that blackmail is a crime and it’s illegal. But then, this article will teach you how to
blackmail someone legally.



A woman being blackmailed
The following are the basic requirements to compete in this yahoo format for money.

BITCOIN WALLET: This is the first necessary requirement because the victim must pay through Bitcoin. You must have an active Bitcoin account that you’ll refer to the target for payment of the blackmail. Alternatively, you can use bank wire if you don’t want the Bitcoin format. You might want to read a bit on the Bitcoin yahoo format in case you
do not know how Bitcoin works.

FAKE PHOTOS: Pick photos from platforms that are less used. I know a platform that has been abandoned for years now.

Guess what, the photos and profiles there are inactive. This means that the client will not be able to track your

Photoshop is necessary so that you can edit the photos to block Google Image Search technology from
revealing it to targets.

PC/MOBILE PHONE: The best option is to use a PC for perfect yahoo blackmail. But then, I know that not everybody is lucky to
have a PC or is able to afford it. Don’t worry, if you have a good Android or iPhone, the blackmail scam will still
work like fire. However, there are certain things you might miss out on without a PC.

You must have a postal address so that you can forward the blackmail letter to the target and get a response.
I do not recommend the postal office idea because pro blackmailers say it is not really advisable.

Before now, you should have known that VPNs are created for yahoo boys. The makers of VPN know that
people need to off their location sometimes and so they invent new VPN technology like Tor daily.

Email addresses and phone numbers will be required in this format. However, I don’t recommend using the
phone number unless it’s necessary. In fact, avoid having any audio conversation with the target whether the
target is innocent or guilty of an act that you’ll be blackmailing them with. It is recommendable to buy an email
or phone number before you do the yahoo yahoo.

Lots of yahoo boys have very poor grammar. The moment they mail the target, the target already knows that
they are fake. This is made possible by their bad grammar. If you want a simple nice sample for blackmail
yahoo, hit us up. Meanwhile, if you have problems with writing the blackmail letter in a way that will shock targets, you know
how to use the contact form embedded in this website.

There are hundreds of yahoo formats for blackmail to make money. In this article, I have selected only the
working ones that professional illegal hustlers use to make money. I will also highlight some platforms where
the blackmail yahoo format can be used to scam legally.
Let’s see some of them and how to successfully collect money from people.

A woman blackmailed with Seex
At the moment, this is the number one Yahoo blackmail format. This involves contacting a girl and making her
send you her nu..des. Once you have her nu..des, do not hesitate to threaten her with a blackmail letter. She
will immediately beg you to delete the photos and videos and collect any amount of money you want. I hope
you understand what this format is all about now.

This format is different from romance or dating scams that you know everywhere. While romance scam begs
for money, this blackmail scam makes the victim beg you instead. You Should Also Read This: Network Marketing Scams: How to Identify and Avoid Multilevel Scam Schemes

This format can be played using email, postal office, Facebook, etc. Do not worry because you will see how it
is done.

The first thing you’ll do is to pick a platform. The platform could be Facebook, dating sites, etc. When you
decide the platform that you like, go on and add someone. If you posing as a man, you must target only
women or gay men. And, if you are posing as a woman, your target must be men and lesbians.

Chat the target up and tell them how much you need ‘love’. The sweet thing about this format is that you do
not need to ask the person for money all. However, it takes some time to work. Now, chat with the girl or man
at every time and make them feel loved. Ask them what people say about them. If they maintain that people
call them names, tell them that they are the most beautiful things on earth. Just do or say anything that will
make them gaga. As time goes, start exchanging some good photos.
Note: This format requires nu…de photos. If you are using your identity, you are not to allow your face to
appear on the nu..des.

When she starts sending, se…x chat more to make her weet. If you don’t know that se..x chat lines that make a
woman or a man wet, let us know. Once you have a huge collection of their nudes with their faces showing,
tell them that you have a feeling that they cheated and that you’ll revenge by exposing their nu…des. They will
now beg you until you tell them to send money to your Bitcoin wallet or forget about it. Give it a few minutes
and the money will be yours.

This blackmail format is almost similar to that of se…xual blackmail. Here, you have to play with the target’s
emotions until you get paid. Simply, use the same step in that of se…xual blackmail to gather clients.
After having the clients, engage in at least a week chat with them. While this format is not often used is
because it isn’t as dangerous as that of sexual blackmail. This is because you need enough time to get the girl
or man to trust and love you.

Moreover, succeeding in this particular yahoo blackmail format could see one exploring many rich places.
The reason is that the client will become very attached and want you wherever you are. The yahoo boys in
Asia mostly use their real faces when doing this blackmail yahoo. In the process, they don’t need any VPN or
fake photos to play the blackmail.

This is the blackmail played by the big goons like lawyers, politicians, ministers, etc. Since it pays in millions of
dollars, yahoo boys have ventured into it. There is a very high record of this yahoo in the US, especially when
the target is guilty of something.

in this format, you will mail a target and accuse them of something they know nothing about. You can refer to
them as one of the armed robbers that recently attacked them. Or, the thief that was caught in your grocery
them as one of the armed robbers that recently attacked them. Or, the thief that was caught in your grocery
store recently. The target will deny at first but will be pressurized to pay.

Let me tell you what a Chinese yahoo boy did. You can also develop a new strategy from it. Mr. Chu is an
unpopular man but popular in the yahoo boys’ world. He sent a postal mail to a target and threatened to deal
with him for attacking his store on a so and so date. The name of the store does not exist and so, the target
denied. He sent a final warning alongside the target’s passport which he says was found in the store. Now, the
client became afraid even though he was innocent and made payments in Bitcoin.

What did Chu do? He simply downloaded the picture of the client and turned it to passport. He even made a
fake driver’s license (embed fake ID card link) and made it look real with the target’s license. Out of fear, the
target paid $5,000 in Bitcoin. Now, Chu is $5,000 richer with his technique on defamation blackmail. I have
tried this and it worked like magic but mine was a prank. Try yours and tell us about the result.

Collecting payment after successful blackmail of any kind is not hard. It’s all about creating a BTC wallet and
then copying out your address to the client. Here is a simple step to follow and collect your blackmailing
Create a BTC account.
Open wallet interface and select ‘Receive’.
Create a public BTC address.
Copy and share the address with the target.
The target will then use that address to pay in the money.
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Note: It is advisable to include a step by step guide for the target to use in making the payment. The reason is
that not everyone knows how to make BTC payments correctly.

Let me equally show you the booming places that any yahoo blackmail is currently working now.
Dating Sites
Postal Office
These are the top 3 places where blackmailers are making real money. Let’s check out one or two things on

The most rampant technique is the ‘Facebook messenger sextortion’ in this platform. It is recommendable to
The most rampant technique is the ‘Facebook messenger sextortion’ in this platform. It is recommendable to
use a hacked Facebook account or buy a Facebook account from the black market. If you don’t want stress,
use VPN and create a fake Facebook account (embed the link to create fake Fb account) for the hustling.

Don’t use photos from Facebook and do not use photos from Google. If you want to use photos from Google,
screenshot the image or use Adobe Lighthouse to clear the property files that Google uses to track photos.
Also, edit the photo to confuse Google. Add the friends you want on Facebook and make money from
blackmailing them. This is all on how to blackmail on Facebook legally without a headache.
How to Blackmail Someone on Instagram

Instagram blackmail is similar to that of Facebook blackmail. However, Instagram has a stricter policy that can
identify your account as fake and blog it. Learn how to create a fake Instagram account to avoid being

You can use any blackmail format on Instagram but North American yahoo boys recommend the sexual
blackmail and defamation blackmail on Instagram. Simply create a fake account or buy an account and then
follow the tips in the article above that teaches you how to create a fake Instagram account. Chat some
people up and then initiate any blackmail format to get money from them.

Yahoo dating sites are another powerful place to do yahoo blackmail. Platforms like Tinder and others allow
you to hook up with anybody and then scam them if you want to. However, it is not recommended to scam
while on the dating platform. Shift the chat to Hangout or Email and use it to attack the target with any
blackmail format. It is recommendable to use it on desperate older men or women who need love and sex.
Once they fall, ask them to send money to your Bitcoin wallet or you expose them instantly.

It seems a lot of yahoo boys are withdrawing from the email yahoo. They feel that there are too many yahoo
hustlers using the platform. For them to get the best from blackmailing professionally, they have switched.
But then, this platform is still blazing. What makes email a good platform is because it has zero identity
traceability compared to others. Also, other platforms always have something to do with email as time goes
on with the blackmail.

Simply, obtain targets’ email addresses and forward them the blackmail letters. You can contact me for a
perfect letter that causes goosebumps. Once the target gets the email, he/she will beg to credit your BTC
wallet instantly. Just be smart and don’t forget to review your grammar with grammar tools like Grammarly.

This yahoo is only common in Jamaica, USA, and Nigeria. There are other countries like India and South Korea
but statistics have really focused on two countries for now. The postal blackmail started a very long time ago.
In fact, it is the first platform that supports blackmail for money. Millions have used it to become millionaires
today and it is still blazing. Just that the social media platform has made it less popular and effective.
It works like other platforms and also supports all the formats of yahoo blackmail. You can start it today and
grow your financial life without hassles.

The yahoo formats for blackmail are the biggest internet hustles for naming making money. They are illegal
but legal in somewhere, especially when you’re not framing up a target (a guilty target).
Thousands have made millions in the past few years without getting caught and you could as well. Just be
smart and allow no room for weakness.
I made an article on how to blackmail someone and collect money. The article currently contains two sample
blackmail letters for innocent and guilty clients. Read on it so that you can be perfect when running any of

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