Soldiers brutalize tailor in Benin


It has been reported that a tailor has been left with many flogging marks on his body after he was seriously and brutally assaulted by five soldiers at S&T barracks road, Opp Mountain of Fire Ministry church, Uselu, Benin, Edo State.

Soldiers brutalize.

According to the victim, the wife of one of the soldiers had given him a clothe to sew for her but he couldn’t, because she didn’t make herself available so he could get a measurement of her.

The lady later sent her daughter to collect the clothe but the girl was rude to one of his apprentices and she eventually left without taking the clothe with her.

The mother then sent her second daughter to get the cloth, but the tailor insisted that the rude daughter came for the clothe so he could tell her that her manner of approach to his apprentice was wrong.

That decision obviously didn’t sit well with their mom, who went to the shop to assault and insult the tailor. However, the tailor told her that he can’t do anything to her, reasons that she is a lady but if a man did such to him, he would have retaliated.

The matter was later reported to her husband who is a soldier and he mobilized his colleagues to the shop. The tailor was then taken away to the barracks where the soldiers brutalize him and leaving him serious injuries and marks on his back.

The tailor then had to take pictures of his scarred back and post online hoping that it will be shared so adequate sanctions will be taken on the soldiers who brutalized him. He also said that its high time soldiers stop acting like God in this country, that the fact that they wear military uniforms doesn’t


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