Miley Cyrus releases single titled “slide away” after separating from Liam Hemworth

Miley Cyrus releases single titled “slide away” after spliting from Liam Hemsworth her husband.

Miley Cyrus releases

This couple are recognized for their on and off relationship, barely a year into their marriage and they split again.

This is not their first split, they were dating for over 10years and have separated and reconciled multiple times.

Their relationship have been known to always be on and off, so when they secretly got married in December 2018,

Both their fans hoped and wished that they would last forever. But yet they split again and no one can tell if they will make up again.

Amidst the split, Miley Cyrus releases a brans new single titled “slide away” the lyrics of the song has made her fans believe that she was singing about Liam.

Do you think they would get back together, or is she sliding away for good


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