Man caught buying goods with fake money


Nemesis has finally caught up with a fraudster notorious for buying goods with fake money in Delta state. The man was caught when people started discovering that he only made use of fake cash.

The unnamed man was arrested today and humiliated in public after first getting serious beating from an angry mob who were bent on killing him.

Man caught.

The man was caught while he was trying to purchase pigs from two small boys after he just previously deceived a lady and bought some goods with his fake cash.

Below are some reports given by eyewitness in pidgin language.

Report reach us for area say e get one kind man were dey use fake money buy things from people and the man still de collect change.

One girl con fall victim yesterday as the guy come buy something from her hand, but the girl brother see the guy from window when him the buy things from him sister with the money so him tell sister say make she no worry say him go recognise the guy if him see am again. Unfortunately for the guy, some hours later the girl brother come catch the guy for TM junction as him the try buy pig from two small boys hand for junction.

Naso the guy tell the bike guy make him turn go meet them for where them stand, as him reach na so the girl brother catch the guy, na so they bruise the guy face turn to monkey o, finally them call police make them come carry am go station make people for no beat am kill for there.

During the process of beating am, they con see fake money for him pant na it them put for him head snap am so that people go de learn not to do this kind thing.

The man caught with fake money was taken to the station and adequate penalty will faced for the crime he committed.

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