Ghanian girls missing, suspect says girls sold in nigeria for m1.8 each


The girls were drugged heavily to keep them quiet when they were being transported to Nigeria to avoid the risk of them raising the alarm and drawing attention to their vehicle.  The number one suspect in the case of three missing girls from Takoradi, Ghana, Samuel Udoetuk, has reportedly revealed that the young girls were sold to Nigeria for m1.8 each.

Ghanian girls missing.

According to Bureau of National Investigations sources, Udoetuk confessed that the ghanian girls missing were sold to an operator of a baby factory at Onitsha in Anambra State, Nigeria.

The suspect admitted to carrying out the act together with two other suspects, John Oji and Chika who have also been arrested by the police in relation to the crime.

Priscilla Bentum was the first to have been kidnapped and  transported to Nigeria in December by John and Chika, while Priscilla Kuranchie and Ruth Quayson were sent in January through the border, according to The Chronicle.

The victims were heavily drugged during the transportation from Ghana to Nigeria in other to keep them sedated and not able to raise alarm.

After receiving information, the BNI followed up on it and confirmed the existence of a baby factory ring in Onitsha where young girls are sold off for the purpose of making babies for adoption by rich families in need of babies from Nigeria and other places.

Investigations into the disappearance of the three girls are still ongoing with a forensic team from the Ghana Police Service expected to arrive in Takoradi to collect DNA samples from their families, this is to enable the team carry out the necessary tests on the body parts found in the uncompleted residence of Udoetuk in Takoradi believed to be the remains of four people suspected to have been killed by him.

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