Annie Idibia, secret to her ageless beauty, 2baba wife shares secret

Annie Idibia shares the secret to her ageless beauty.

The wife of Nigeria music icon and actress Annie Idibia have been sharing ideas of how she has managed to stay young and elegant.

Annie Idibia

According to Annie Idibia, the mother of two, she minds her business and never interferes in people business.

She posted

“In fact, I’m mostly alone lately. I respect people, I don’t talk behind anyone’s back,” she wrote on her Insta story.

She also disclosed she is learning to forgive, “it’s my greatest challenge as a human.”

She added she stays content with her life and strives to be greater, bigger and wiser every day.

She stated “I don’t ever, and I repeat ever envy anyone, never,”.

She advised her followers to achieve the feat, they should also not surround themselves with people who would drain them out emotionally or abuse them verbally.

But to surround themselves with people that have good thinking culture, and that can contribute positively to their lives.


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